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dry 24/7 (tends to leak unexpectedly)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:17 am
by lancer
I am so sick of leaks! Waking up to a wet bed and having wet pants in public. I have heard Dry 24/7 holds the most of any diaper, so I spent over 120.00 on three packs of them this past week. Can't wait till they come in the mail. I don't care how loud the plastic sound is or how large and bulky they are, as long as I don't have wet pants in public or wet sheets at night. Will update after experience.

Re: dry 24/7

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2014 12:16 pm
by CEH
I had problems with the Dry 24/7 briefs leaking despite their rated capacity! I needed something that I could count on for protection so I started using the Abena Abri-Form briefs and the Abri-Flex pullups during the day. I am extremely pleased with them and have been using them now for 5 months.

I hope this post is helpful to others.