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How did you become Incontinent?

Please Share How Incontinence Has Changed the lives of You or Your Loved ones?

Re: How did you become Incontinent?

Postby ashley » Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:26 am

I had a really bad kidney stone, and they ended up having to do the riskiest of four surgical options (after trying all four options to remove it). The doctors admitted that they messed up, but they did remove the stone. Ever since the surgery..... I've had issues. Mostly stress/urge.

Before the surgery I was able to hold it for 12 hours if I wanted. At that time, I went in the morning, and afternoon usually -- a whole two times a day. However, after the surgery... I end up going maybe 25 times on a GOOD day, and deal with regular involuntary loss. On a bad day it can be a lot more than that too.
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